DORUKMAK tüm üretim ve hizmet faaliyetlerini: DORUKMAK aims to carry out all its production and service activities by continuously improving its environmental performance in accordance with the Quality and Environmental Targets it has determined in line with the laws, customer requirements, National and International Standards.

Our main environmental goals are:

  • To continuously improve the Environmental Management System by ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.
  • To reduce the use of natural resources by optimizing the use of natural resources in all activities.
  • To reduce our potential environmental pollution risks and to ensure that they are under control.
  • To reduce environmental impacts by using new or improved technologies and alternative materials that are economically suitable and environmentally compatible in our production process and products.
  • Controlling noise pollution, monitoring its impact on the environment and reducing its effects.
  • To reduce waste at their source, to collect the waste separately within the scope of zero waste management, and to bring them into the economy with methods such as reuse, recovery and recycling, reducing both waste amount and emissions and natural resource consumption.To increase environmental awareness by informing all our employees and suppliers about environmental protection and our related works.
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